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7 Reasons to Take Your Next Walk to the Treadmillchevron_right
Walking is among the most common exercises for good reason—it’s simple, it’s inexpensive, and it has a whole host of health benefits. While many take to a sidewalk or trail, don’t overlook indoor options, including the treadmill.

5 Steps to Get Organized with ADHDchevron_right
Having attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) doesn’t have to get in your way. But being organized might not come as naturally to you. To boost your productivity and feel less overwhelmed or anxious, try these 5 organizational tips:

Testing, Testing: Do Your Ears Need a Sound Check?chevron_right
One in 3 Americans older than age 65 has some hearing loss. If you’re not hearing as well as you once did, you can take steps to manage the issue so that it doesn’t limit your life.

4 Ways to Beat the Monday Blueschevron_right
On Friday afternoon, the possibilities for the weekend seem endless. But just a couple days later, feelings of anxiety and fear may arise.

The Hidden Danger of Addiction Among Older Adultschevron_right
When you think of aging-related diseases, heart disease and dementia probably come to mind. But now, startling statistics suggest another danger for older adults: drug and alcohol addiction.

Could You Really Have ADHD?chevron_right
Do you often forget to pay bills or get distracted during conversations? Don’t be too quick to blame it on a “senior moment.” These kinds of issues are sometimes caused by attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Fitting Balance into Your Fitness Planchevron_right
It’s common to be less steady on your feet as you get older. That’s why experts recommend that older adults include balance-boosting activities in their fitness routine several days per week. Here are some options to consider.

Does E-Biking Count as Exercise?chevron_right
One research review crunched the numbers from 12 studies and found e-biking boosted heart rate, energy usage, and power output more than walking.

Q and A: Buying Hearing Aids Without a Prescriptionchevron_right
Have you seen the good news? Hearing aids are now available over the counter (OTC)—no doctor’s visit or prescription needed!

What You Should Know About Your Annual Wellness Visitchevron_right
You won’t get a thorough physical exam at your annual wellness visit. Instead, think of this appointment as a planning or strategy session designed to keep you healthy.

The Best Fitness Habits to Slow Agingchevron_right
Whether you’re in your 20s or your 60s, one thing is true when it comes to aging: you can’t stop it. But being physically active is one of the best ways to stay healthier and potentially add years to your life.

Get Your Z’s to Control Your COPDchevron_right
How you slept last night affects more than your mood or the dark circles under your eyes. If you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), your snoozing status may reveal a lot about your risk for a flare-up.